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Roller J Cups

Roller J Cups

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*J Cups Sold In Pairs*

Finally an affordable, American made, set of Roller J cups! 

With our Roller J cups you can easily re-center the bar after racking with heavy loads. We use UHMW plastic to not only protect your barbell, but also as protection on all 3 contact points on your rack.

Made for a 3x3 squat rack with either 5/8" or 1" holes. We do offer an adapter for those with 2x3 racks. And if you have a squat rack not made in America you can add our additional shims to keep a snug fit.

Made out of heavy duty American steel with the rollers being precision machined out of a very high tensile strength composite to help withstand repeated abuse. So, load up your barbell and set new PR's!

2x3 Rack UHMW adpter: 2 pieces of 3/4" UHMW to replace the existing 1/4" UHMW on the side of the J cups, allowing it to snuggly fit a 2x3 rack.

Metric Rack Shim Kit: We would highly recommend these 2 stainless steel shims added under the UHMW to ensure your J cups fit snuggly to a 75mm rack for those that have a non American made squat rack.


We manufacture our Roller J cups in Lancaster Pennsylvania. All manufacturing is either done by XII:XI Fitness or by local small businesses that we have formed close relationships with. American made, American strong! 

Roller J Cup FAQ's

The "return rollers" are machined in a way to have the barbell return to the same spot when you rack after a lift. The flat rollers do not have this allowing you to more easily move the barbell forward or backward on the rollers.

Using an allen wrench, all you will need to do is remove the center bolt that goes through the rollers, swap the rollers for the blocks and re-insert and tighten the bolts. You can probably swap both J cups in a minute or less once you have the tool.

Yes, find your preferred color at and let us know the color number in your order. Or if you have a RAL# we can match that as well.

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