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Sandwich Style J Hooks

Sandwich Style J Hooks

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**Sold In Pairs**

  • ✔️ COMPATIBILITY: We have variations for multiple rack types, 3x3 racks with 1" or 5/8" holes, 2x3 racks with 5/8" holes and 2x2 racks with 1" holes.  (Please choose correct variation)
  • ✔️ PROTECT YOUR BARBELL: With our sandwich style J Hooks there is UHMW protection anywhere your barbell makes contact with the hooks for maximum protection.
  • ✔️ STRONG CONSTRUCTION: Made from strong American steel, sandwiching a piece of solid 1" UHMW Plastic. These bad boys can handle 1,000lbs collectively.
  • ✔️ QUIET CONSTRUCTION: Along with the 1" UHMW Plastic for your barbell bar to sit on, there is an additional piece of plastic that sits against the back of the post to prevent noise as well as help protect the powder coat on your rack.
  • ✔️ LIFETIME GUARANTEED: Buy with confidence! We are so confident in our products that we will guarantee them for life!

Our sandwich style J Hooks are an excellent addition to your home or commercial gym. Made from American Steel with beautiful 1" thick custom machined UHMW Plastic, the craftsmanship is unmatched.

The UHMW Plastic protects your barbell and acts as a pad quieting the racking and un-racking of your barbell bar as well as protects it from unnecessary scratches and scuffs from metal to metal contact. There is also a small UHMW piece on the back of the holder ensuring a snug fit as well as protecting the powder coat on the uprights of your rack and power cage.

These heavy duty J Cups can hold 500 lbs each, bringing your weight capacity to 1,000 lbs for the pair. No more feeling limited in your lifting. The thick powder coat finish brings durability to the of these hooks ensuring they will look good for years to come.

Our J Cups come in multiple variations and we are looking into adding even more in the future. So if we don't have what you need, send us a message and let us know what we can add for you!

We aim to serve the home gym and commercial gym community as best we can. So we guarantee the functionality and durability of this product for life. 

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