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Squat Wedges

Squat Wedges

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  • ✔️ IMPROVE YOUR SQUAT DEPTH: Get more depth in your squat by elevating your heels during the exercise using our platform
  • ✔️ COMPACT DESIGN: Designed to link together for a minimal foot print, only 10 3/4" L X 7" W X 3 3/16" H when linked together.
  • ✔️ VERSATILE: Use for squats (bodyweight to heavy weight), calf raises and getting a good stretch before your workout.
  • ✔️ DURABLE: Our ramps are made from American Steel. The anti slip powder coat provides traction during exercise.
  • ✔️ EASY STORAGE: Comes with a bracket that you can mount to your wall and hang the ramps out of your way when not in use. (Hardware Included)


We at XII:XI Fitness know the importance of high quality equipment that also doesn't have a large footprint. That's why we designed these squat ramps.

High quality, durable, American made and have a small footprint. Each ramp is only 9 1/2"L x 7"W x 2 5/8"H and 10 3/4" X 7" X 3 3/16" when linked together. That's right, our ramps slide together to minimize the footprint when not in use or if hanging on our included bracket and hardware. Or if you go to a public gym just throw these in your gym bag and take them along. Our included band will hold them together during transport.

When using these wedges you can easily adjust them horizontally to get whatever width you need, and move your heels up and down them to get the elevation you need. With a 17 degree incline and up to a 2 5/8" lift, you will have no problem finding what's comfortable for your body. Isolate muscle groups, target the quads more directly with the assistance of our platform. Elevating your heels allows you to change the muscle being targeted during squats by taking pressure off the hip and increasing range of motion at the knee. Also if you are having trouble getting depth when doing squats because of tight hamstrings, elevating your heels will take the pressure off the hamstrings, allowing you to go deeper and reducing the risk of injury.

So if you are looking to add some variety to your workout, we recommend trying adding our wedge to your arsenal. Your future quads will thank you. We take great pride in the products we make. So if you aren't satisfied with your purchase, please let us know so we can make things right.

Squat Wedges FAQ's

Not at the moment. 17 degrees work well for the vast majority of people. If you want a lesser angle we suggest moving your heels further down the ramp to lessen the elevation of the heel and in turn change the angle.

No, we looked into adding colors, however we use a gritty stair tread type of powder that's only standard in black.

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