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The Chameleon Gym Wall Storage System

The Chameleon Gym Wall Storage System

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✔️ ULTIMATE HOME GYM STORAGE SOLUTION:. Weight plates, Kettlebell, Barbell.  Whatever workout equipment combination you want.

✔️ WEIGHT PLATE STORAGE: 12" long weight pegs for storing weight plates. that house a 17.7" OD (45lb or bumper plates) weight. Each weight holder can withstand 4-45lb plates with a max weight of 750lbs per wall strip.

✔️ KETTLEBELL STORAGE: Hang your Kettlebells on the wall. Organizing your gym and freeing up valuable workout space. 

✔️ BARBELL GUN RACK: Purchasing multiple tubes and hanging them side by side. Our Kettlebell adapters can double as horizontal barbell hangers.

✔️ MADE IN THE USA: As usual, all XII:XI Fitness equipment is made in the USA.
Mounting hardware and instructions are included.

When we at XII:XI Fitness began working on designing the best gym storage solution on the market, we didn't just want to copy the same wall storage options everyone else already offers. We wanted to design something unique, something that looks great, and most of all, something that offers options!
So we came up with The Chameleon Gym Wall Storage System. Just like a chameleon can change to match it's surroundings, our wall storage rack can change to meet your gym equipment storage needs.

Want to hang up weight plates? We got you covered! In fact, each chameleon tube can hold up to 750lbs. Using the top, middle and bottom holes you can mount IPF and IWF regulation size weights (17.72") on 3 separate weight plate holders on one tube.

How about hanging your kettlebells up and getting them off the floor and organized? Yup, the Chameleon can do that too. Just swap out a weight plate pipe for a kettlebell pipe, and you have a nice round cutout to slip your kettlebell handles into.

The kettlebell storage pipe can also be used to mount your barbell, gun rack style. Just mount 2 Chameleon tubes beside each other and lay your bar horizontally through 2 kettlebell hangers.
There are lots of possibilities with the Chameleon Wall Storage System and we are excited to get these into the your hands!

Brand: XII:XI

Made in the USA: Yes




          Chameleon Tube: 2x3 tube 11 gauge wall thickness and 40" long.

         Kettlebell Attachment: 1.9" Diameter pipe. 6" long from the tube to the end of            the pipe and 4 1/2" from the tube to the center of the cutout where the                        kettlebell hangs.

         Weight Plate Attachment: 1.9" Diameter pipe. 11 1/4" from the tube to the                 end of the pipe.

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