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Lever Curl Bar

Lever Curl Bar

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  • Maintain Tension During Full Range Of Motion 
  • Rotating Handles
  • Slight Angle On Bars
  • Forearm Pads
  • Black Powder Coating

Unlike standard curls which get easier as you get closer to the top of the motion. The design of the lever curl bar allows for peak contraction at the top of the arm curl.

The rotating handles and the angle of the bars allow for a very natural feel and keeps the strain off your wrist while moving heavy weight. We added 2 foam pads that rest against your forearms adding extra comfort when in use.

Check out our video in the link below:

*Note Standard spring collars will not provide proper security on the plate loaded bar.

Made in the USA

Weight: 19lbs

Size: Width-24" Height-11" Length-15 1/2

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